Grad Duga Resa, Turstička zajednica Grada Duga Resa and Adria Events agency were the
organizers of the last Croatian challenger. On the river Mrežnica many spectators witnessed
great competition between five teams – from Duga Resa, Zagreb, Krk and Krško from
Slovenia which gave the competition international note. After two hours long competition the
gold medal won team Daj Mare from Krk.

Because of the specific terrain of the river the games were split into water and land part. On
the water there were four games – flaying water polo, wine, tourist rescuing and water basket,
while on the land we could see two different games – alka and tug of war. Unfortunately, after
the first game team Hitnjaci from Zagreb lost one of their women competitor because of
injury and couldn´t continue with competition. The best result in flying water polo made Krk,
winning 140 points in 2 minutes and a half and showed their will to pass to the final.

Krk made great results even in other three water games, making the best results in wine and
water basket and second best in tourist rescuing which helped them to play more calm the
land part of games. The only team which were close to them were young and fresh Telebajski
from Krško. Even though they were out of competition in Duga Resa, they showed great
potential for the future editions of City Games.

In alka the certain win made Telebajski – their girls gathered 21 points which meant they
didn´t make any mistake. All seven rounds they took alkas in the middle (3 points each) and
brought their team the win in the second game. In the last game maximum points once again
went to Daj Mare which only confirmed total win and ticket for the final in Vir.

The only event left in this year will be held on 26. August on Vir, where the best teams from
Croatia will compete in the final at 7.30 p.m.