ĐAKOVO, 24.6.2018: Team Valpovo won on the opening of the 9th season

It was Sonday evening on City pool of Đakovo that presented to many supporters everything what new seasons of City Games will be all about – lots of adrenalin, fights, emotions and fun. The Slavonian City Games event brought five teams from Vinkovci, Beli Manastir, Osijek, Valpovo and home team Đakovo. They were competing in six different games and in the end the most successful team were Valpovo – Karašicka republika. They gathered 38 points and won gold for the second year in a row and qualified for the next stage of competition.

Valpovo showed great performance already in the first game flying water polo where they gathered more than 200 points and easily earned all 8 points. They didn’t continued so well in next four games – tourist rescuing, barrel race, water alka and water basket, but still they managed to won from 2 to 6 points. Before the very last game of the evening home team got equal to Valpovo and it was clear that final rowing will decide a winner. The last game paddle was decisive for many times in the past and also in Đakovo. The final paddling between Đakovo and Valpovo ended with a win of Valpovo and we got our first winner of this year of City Games CRO challenger.

Second-placed team Đakovo, wich has many support from the crowd, has started excellent, after winning 14 out of possible 16 points in the first two games. They managed to improved their bad performance in the third game after  taking all points in water alka and in the end they well deserred came as second after gathering 35 points.

The third place and 26 points took young team from Vinkovci, composing from members of swimming team Orion. They showed their luxurious talent in swimming and also in basketball in water basket where they easily won and overtook their competitors for the third place – team Osijek.

The medals for the winning teams were given by mayor of Đakovo Marin Mandarić and he was thankful to the crowd for such a big support and teams for respecting the fair play.

The next stage of City Games tour is Koper (Slovenia) where on this Sunday the first Slovenian challenger will take place.



1st place: VALPOVO, Karašicka republika – 38 points (blue) 

2nd place: ĐAKOVO – 35 points (orange)

3rd place: VINKOVCI – 26 points (green) 

4th place: OSIJEK – 21 points (dark blue)

5th place: BELI MANASTIR – 12 points (red)