City Games 2016 season is about to start…

We are getting ready to start this year’s City Games tour, which will again last for 100 days and take us through several countries. 200 cities will be represented by around 2 000 participants competing in various entertaining games, attracting overall 70 000 visitors. Register your team here or get ready to cheer for your favorites loud and proud!

If you already know how we roll, you know what you can expect: plenty of fun, great atmosphere and team spirit. Ok, we do have some new games as well, but let’s keep them a secret for just a bit more.

Best proof of how entertaining and cool City Games are, is probably the fact we now have 12 countries onboard: Croatia, Slovenia, BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and The Netherlands!

Moreover, this 7th season will feature 3 TV shows broadcasted on 8 national TV stations with over 8 million viewers. In other words, our promotion of friendship and positive competitons is getting more and more international exposure! It just one more reason why you should join us.

There are 45 events on our calendar, starting off in Omišalj on June 10. See you there!