City Games 2016: Podgorica

Montenegro got its representative in the international semi-finals!

Yesterday Podgorica hosted City Games finals for Montenegro. First place went to Casa Igalo team, so they’ll represent Montenegro in the international semi-finals in Biograd mid-August. There they’ll fight against 11 other European countries for the title of international City Games champion.

In Podgorica finals we saw 6 best teams from all over Montenegro: Pobjednici, Casa Igalo, Jadran Škver, Delfin, Galioti, Podgorica and Podgorica swimming school team. They competed in 6 various disciplines: tourist rescuing, flying water polo, water alka, water basket, prosciutto and paddle.

Last year City Games winners, Jadran Škver, gave their best, but Casa Igalo were better in the last two games and won with the advantage of 9 points, scoring 60 points overall. The youngest team, Podgorica swimming school, although placed at the bottom, wasn’t dissapointed at all. In fact, they’d like to play these Games at least two times a year! They’ll certainly get better for next City Games in Montenegro. We already looking forward to 2017, when there will be even more competitions in this lovely country.

Our next stop: Mlini! Croatia, we’re coming back…