5 main reasons to be a part of City Games

There are many reasons to be a part of City Games, but we managed to highlight these 5 most important ones.

If you’re ever been on a City Games event, we’re sure you’ll agree with all of them. If the project is new to you, this should make it a must for you and your family or friends!

1. The atmosphere is phenomenal, as always when there are teams competing and their supporters helping them by loud cheering!

2. Games are entertaining, as well as educational, since they are inspired by some old traditions and history. You’ll have plenty of fun, wheather you’re playing or cheering for your team!

3. City Games promote physical activity and sport as a way of life through a healthy competition between friends (and those who have yet to become ones!)

4. City Games are also great for promotion of places they are being held at and more than a nice addition to their tourist offer. Perfect event for the whole family!

5. Last but not least, winning and a chance to travel around, meet new people, new places and new countries, while representing your own. It’s the best feeling in the world!