In a searching of the best teams in south Serbia City Games tour has arrived to Valjevo. The
crowd in the pool Petnica was just amazing – we haven´t witnessed so many spectators before
this year and the atmosphere was just great. They were managed to be a part of the event with
the most participated teams and the most excitement during their great fight. There were 8
teams competing – Valjevo, Užice, Ljig, Čačak, Ub, Osečina, Lajkovac and Valjevo Tešnjar.

The best start of the competition succeeded to Čačak – in flying water polo they created 209
points which brought to them the first position. They kept the good concentration even in the
second game where boys from Čačak rescued their ladies the fastest and got another 14
points. But right behind them were Užice which came second in the first two games and
cleared up the fight for the gold will be excited.

Swimming and climbing for the prosciutto made things even more complicated. The best time
in this game belong to home team Valjevo and totally raised the atmosphere at the tribune.
After that game 4 teams – Čačak, Valjevo, Užice and Ub got exact amount of points.

It was turn for water basket where Ljig was the fastest (3:05) and the question of a winner was
left – as so many time before – for the last game paddle. The strongest one was Ljig and with
taking all points in that game they well deserved won second place in total.

Gold medal took Užice and won a ticket for the second Serbian semi-final which will take
place in Čačak on 20. July. The specialty of this win was the fact Užice didn´t came first in
any of the games which didn´t happened for many years now.

City Games will continue on 16. July at 7.30 p.m. in Knjaževac where second challenger for
the south part of Serbia will take place.