SLANO, 28. 7. 2017: Majkovi won gold for the first time

It was a nice event last night in Slano, little village near Dubrovnik. There were five teams participating in qualification, but we can´t say they were fighting or competing for the places which lead to the national challenges, but they were more or less enjoying and having fun. Nevertheless, Majkovi took the gold medal during having fun and with second placed Neretva run from Metković got through. The third position was won by home team Foke.

Teams were playing flying waterpolo and tourist rescuing in the sea, and then alka, donkey race and tug of war on the land. Teams were not playing excellent, but they were all winners in making great atmosphere. Almost all of teams played City Games for the first time, so Majkovi took advantage of experience they have and easily won in every game, unless the last one. There they allow to the youngest team – To Lutko from Slano, to play with their all players (while they played with 5) for the very nice and kind gesture.

The battle for the second place was tighter and with taking all 12 points in the last game Neretva run, Metković overcome Foke from Slano. The youngest team was really good tonight and if they will continue to be a part of City Games, they can make very good result in the future. It was interesting that Primorski Despacito couldn´t achieve any points, but they were the happiest team of the night.


1st place: Majkovi, MAJKOVI – 35 points (red)

2nd place: Neretva run, METKOVIĆ – 30 points (green)

3rd place: Foke, SLANO – 26 points (dark blue)

4th place: To Lutko, SLANO – 21 points (orange)

5th place: Primorski Despacito, DOLI – 0 points (yellow)