The pool Banjica in Knjaževac was too tight for everyone who wanted to be a part of this
year´s 5 th City Games challenger in Serbia. In the end of the two hours long battle between
teams Knjaževac, Vranje, Svrljig, Zaječar, Ljig and Sokobanja the gold medal was won by the
home team Knjaževac and the spectators accompanied that great result with a big celebration.

The competition was opened with the game flying water polo where Vranje with 160 points
took first place and 10 points. The next game was already a reason for eruption in the tribune.
Home lifeguards rescued their ladies the fastest and without mistakes and beside loud
applause they also won the maximum amount of points in this game.

For the first time in this season the donkey race was played and immediately got into the
hearts of the spectators. For the second time in a row the most successful team was
Knjaževac. Their girl gave the best instructions for the donkey, finishing the game in less than
45 seconds which was enough for taking the most points in the game.

After the funny and unpredictable third game of the night, it was a time for prosciutto. The
amazing physical strength of the competitors was resulted in a very tie battle. Three teams
ended the task inside only one second and barely the tenths of second gave the final results.
The fastest was the competitor from Svrljig, ending with exact 26 seconds and additionally
complicated great competition for the first position.

In the end of the amazing night there was a game paddle – the game that always raises the
atmosphere and was again decisive for the final standing. Before the beginning of that game
three teams were in competition for the gold medal. The final paddling was between Ljig and
Svrljig which meant the above: 1. Ljig wins and Ljig takes the first place in total standing. 2.
Svrljig wins and Knjaževac takes the first position. Under the great support of audience the
second scenario came true and the great celebration in Knjaževac finally could started.

City Games tour has already traveled on the south of Serbia where Vranje will hosted the last
challenger of the season in Serbia and we will get the last semi-finalist of the competition.