HERCEG NOVI, 27. 7. 2017: Casa Igalo give in the title to the rivals Jadran Škver

Like expected, Herceg Novi hosted spectacular Montenegro´s final last night. Six teams were fighting for the victory, but soon it was clear that only two teams, the favorites, will fight that battle. A little stronger, faster and skillful was Jadran Škver, one of the three teams from Herceg Novi that played in the final. They achieved 52 points and it was enough to beat the current Montenegro´s and international champion Casa Igalo, which ended the Games with 47 points. The bronze took Galioti from Tivat with 29 points.

Jadran Škver beat the record in the first game, flying waterpolo, making impressive 477 points. Even more impressive is that the second placed Casa Igalo was only 11 points behind – 466 points. Also Galioti showed big improvement and achieved 400 points.

Barrel race was really interesting and kind of decisive. Our prediction that the favorites are not so good in that game, was right and Casa Igalo ended game even without points. It was obvious that losing connection with Jadran Škver on 6 points difference will be hard to catch up. Jadran Škver was also not so good, but they at least took 4 points. Excellent time achieved Triatlonci, Herceg Novi, and Kotorska furija, Kotor, a few seconds behind, as a third in that game, came Galioti, Tivat.

Then it was again time for favorites. Casa Igalo started to catch up and rescue their tourists much faster than others. But Jadran Škver came second and didn´t allow to competition to come too close. Galioti took the third place in the third game in a row.

Also in prosciutto Casa Igalo came the fastest and Jadran Škver second fastest and these was the third game where best two teams were Casa and Škver. The difference reduced on only two points and battle was fully open. The third one in this game came Šotokuci and they could be even faster if the guy didn´t slip on the rope just before reaching the top.

Last night alka cleared the decision about the passenger to the international semi-final. Jadran Škver was luckier, achieving 13 points, when Casa Igalo achieved 9. That was only enough for fourth place in alka and the difference again raised on big 8 points. For the bronze Galioti took the lead between them, Triatlonci and Kotorska furija.

In the final Casa took the prestige win over Škver, but finish 5 points behind in total. Triatlonci with the third place in paddle overcome Kotorska furija and Šotokuci.

Jadran Škver, HERCEG NOVI: ˝We are enthusiastic about the win and I have to say that we are still undefeated in this pool and it seems that it is the unbreakable fortress for our competition. Tonight we played waterpolo excellent, but were not so good in prosciutto and barrel race. I always say that you cannot win in City Games if you finish one game with 0 points, so we always try to get at least some, even if it´s not our best game. Now we will celebrate a little, rest a little and than start to form a team for the international semi-final.˝

Casa Igalo, HERCEG NOVI: ˝We are not happy because we wanted to win. It was the second game we played really bad and didn´t take points at all. But other games were good, in three games we won. Team was much different that the last year in the international final and we didn´t even practice too much.˝

Galioti, TIVAT: ˝We are happy with our result. Competition was really strong, we played good so we are satisfy. Of course some details could be better, but today the strongest teams won and we congratulate them. We always give our best, the luck is also very important in City Games. Maybe the only chance to win for us would be to play the final in Tivat (laugh).˝


1st place: Jadran Škver, HERCEG NOVI – 52 points (light blue)

2nd place: Casa Igalo, HERCEG NOVI – 47 points (dark blue)

3rd place: Galioti, TIVAT – 29 points (yellow)

4th place: Triatlonci, HERCEG NOVI – 27 points (orange)

5th place: Kotorska furija, HERCEG NOVI – 24 points (green)

6th place: Šotokuci, TIVAT – 18 points (red)

Foto: Jan Mastrović