Galioti supremely won their place in finals

In the near vicinity of the biggest Adriatic marina fourth edition of City games were held in Tivat. Organizers were the Tivat Municipality, Tourist organization Tivat and Adria events agency. Temporary stands and boat “Katarina” anchored by the venue were completely filled with supporters and media representatives led by Montenegro Radio & Television that, on weekly basis, produces reports from City Games events.

The venue itself was additionally beautified with new choreography and with the effort shown from the competitors, spotlights and great music, passers-by could not resist to peek and then enjoy the event.
Seven teams tried to win their place in finals that will be held in Budva on August 24th. Six of them were from Tivat: Galioti, Vikinzi, Jadran, Meštri s Pina, Početnici and Jedva se skupismo, and seventh team Leteći šugamani came from Kotor.

Teams competed in five games: Wine, Flying water-polo, Water basketball, Karijola Race and Paddle,.
Triumph and place in finals was won by Galioti from Tivat with 57 points won. Second place went to Leteći šugamani (50 points) and third to Vikinzi (32 points). Meštri s Pina finished fourth, Jedva se skupismo fifth, Početnici sixth and team Jadran finished last –seventh.

Medals to the second and third team were presented by the CEO of Brand new Tivat Mr. Predrag Gajić and CEO of Tourist organization Tivat Mrs. Gabrijela Glavočić and the gold medals by Secretary of the Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities of Tivat Municipality.

Competitors and their supports celebrated on the peer Pine with the music of band “Iskaz”.