City Games 2016: Pirovac

6 great teams competed yesterday in Pirovac!

Lot of fun at Pirovac’s riva yesterday, huge crowd and well prepared teams. All the ingrediants for a proper spectacle were there! Teams were competing in flying water polo, tourist rescuing, alka, donkey race and as always at the end, tug of war.

Paške podlanice were the best, while lovcal team Nepredviđeni was secon-placed. They both got their tickets for semi-finals. We also show some nice skills from Rasline (Šibenik), Vlast (Banjevac), Laginini (Pakoštane) and another team from Pirovac, APP. Of course, we also enjoyed watching young teams competing in City Games Junior and breaking the ice for seniors. Team Neustrašivi won over Vatreni, Torcida and Pirovac Torcida, as they were better in bag race, fishermans crates and tug of war.

Next stop: Ždrelac!