Before the final in Vir, Croatia: Krk to defend the title

Today is a day when Croatian final will be played in the island Vir. We will see six different teams that deserved the final ticket through qualification and challengers (except home team Vir that have a right to play in the final as a home team). Team Krk – Daj Mare is the current favorite and is for sure the favorit for winning the title, considering some of the best teams are missing.


But let´s start with those who made it to the final. The first one who entered the final event was in challenger in Belišće in Slavonija team Valpovo – Žabari. They fought a great battle with home team Belišće, but in the end their superior show ended with sufficient seven points advantage. The second finalist was known in Šibenik, where also two teams played it much better than others. Ploče – Plina Istočna made it to the final, winning over very good team Komolac for seven points. They have experience in playing in the final, but not the fresh one. None experience with the final have the next team that qualify in Okrug – Šibenik – A je to. It was good competition there between four teams, but Šibenik was stronger in the end. On the other hand current champion Krk – Daj Mare didn´t have decent rival in Malinska, winning the event with 15 points advantage, comparing to others. The last finalist we got in Zubovići (Novalja) where the winner ended with the smallest difference – only one point. The lucky one was Šibenik – Šubićevac, one of the three teams that played in the last year´s final and will play in this year´s.


Teams will play six games – flying water polo, tourist rescuing, water alka, prosciutto, water basket and paddle. Three out of six teams played five of these games in challenger, while both teams from Šibenik – A je to and Šubićevac played only three of them. If this is advantage to them (maybe they are better in water games, while they played mostly games in the land), we will witness tomorrow. For what we saw, Ploče made some excellent times in Šibenik and they seemed like a good swimmers. Being a good swimmer will for sure be advantage tomorrow. Krk was the best in flying water polo, but it is a different position and way of doing it in different location. Valpovo made impressive time in prosciutto, while tourist rescuing was good for almost every team. We don´t know what to except of a home team, but we know for sure they will do their best in the home town.

Foto: Jan Mastrović