Before the final in Kranj, Slovenija: The last international ticket

Six very good teams that got to the final through challengers will tonight in Kranj, Slovenia, compete for the last place that leads into the international semi-final that will be on 25. – 26. August in Biograd na Moru, Croatia. Eight different European countries will compete there and Slovenia is the last to give a team.

Six teams with possibility to fill that spot are Maribor, Duplek, Ajdovščina, Velenje, Kranj and the home team Kranj – Kranjski orli. In total they are all well experienced team with of course some freshmans. It is expected a great competition for a win between Velenje, the current Slovenian champion, and Maribor, the current Slovenian vice champion. This battle lasts for many years now and due to very similar profile of the both teams the difference between them is always in details. But, for what we saw, there are much better teams this year in the final, waiting for their chance to surprise the favorites.

Teams will play six games – flying water polo, tourist rescuing, barrel race, water alka, water basket and paddle. It will be interesting to see the start. Velenje and Maribor got very similar points in flying water polo in challenger, but other teams showed big improvements and with good trainings they for sure can overcome them. Tourist rescuing is always interesting to see, because many things can go wrong. Women will then prove their quality and technique in paddling in the barrel which can be very difficult and in water alka then is again luck really important factor. Water basket should be reserved for swimmers from Velenje and Maribor and the paddle, the most point giver, could give a Slovenian winner.